BBQ Catering

For The San Francisco Bay Area

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BBQ with a Gourmet Twist

Spice up your event with smoky, savory, delectable BBQ

Any kind of BBQ, from Deep Southern to Latin Style to Cowboy to Texas, Smoke and Spice BBQ serves it up the way you want it. Located in the San Francisco Bay area, we cater weddings, parties, picnics, and other social events, bringing you memorable, distinctive BBQ at prices you can afford.

We offer high-quality, professional catering services, backed by meticulous attention to every detail for your indoor or outdoor event.  We provide:

  • On-site food preparation
  • Experienced, friendly serving staff
  • Utensils and tableware
  • Serving tables
  • Thorough site clean-up
BBQ Catering

Succulent, juicy chicken brushed with just the right combination of savory spice and heat and grilled to perfection. That’s just one of the choices you can choose from our BBQ Catering menu. No matter what your palate preferences run toward, we can satisfy:

  • BBQ Griller
  • BBQ Picnic Fun
  • Deep Southern Traditional
  • Latin Style
  • Cowboy Country
  • All-American
  • Texas Style
  • Tasty Combos
  • Island Luau
  • Caribbean Adventure
  • California Sunshine
BBQ Weddings

The wedding reception you’ve always dreamed of is just a call or a click away. We offer flexible catering services to suit any preference, including buffets, family-style dinners, and traditional served entrees. We also work with an extensive private network of vendors, entertainers, venues, and professional artisans to deliver the memorable event you deserve. Rely on experience and professionalism to make your special day as stress-free as possible.

Picnic Planning

To host a picnic your guests rave about for years to come, it takes more than just attention to the food alone. It requires attention of professional picnic planners. Smoke and Spice BBQ offers seasoned picnic planning services for the best event ever. We handle everything, from venue selection, buffets, novelty food items at designated stations—popcorn or cotton candy, anyone?—to games and competitions. Choose your theme from the list below or create your own. Our picnic consultants can help you find the best site, food, staff, entertainment, and more for your outdoor event.

We coordinate and execute special events from beginning to end. We provide the props and decorations and create specially-designed ambience to suit the party theme you choose.

Among our offerings:

  • Mardi Gras
  • South Seas
  • Caribbean
  • Hawaiian
  • Extreme X-Games
  • Old-Time Picnic
  • Old-Fashioned Sports
  • Beach Blanket Bingo
  • Groovy ‘60s
  • Mexican Fiesta
  • Pirate
  • Country & Western Picnic
  • Baseball
  • Olympic Picnic
  • International Picnic
  • Safari
Call on us to create your custom event

Smoke and Spice BBQ serves clients in the San Francisco Bay area. Just complete our convenient contact us form or call (408) 899-2648 to tell us about your special event and receive a quote. Together, we can make savory, delicious memories.