Imagination is an important part of realizing success with your upcoming event.

Whether a large company picnic or teambuilding retreat, you have an idea of what success looks like in your head.

At Smoke and Spice BBQ we take pride in our ability to coax that dream out bit by bit, detail by detail until the special day when everything comes together perfectly.

In addition to venue selection and décor, our specialists will work with you to define the experience your guests will thank you for.

  • event staffing,
  • event planning and design, to
  • equipment rentals including
  • tables, chairs, flatware, glassware,
  • audio systems,
  • dance floors, and special requests.

There are many variables you have thought of and perhaps a few you may have missed when envisioning this event. We’re here to tie that all together – to ensure that on the day of your company picnic you can focus on just that; enjoying the special event you’ve been dreaming of.

Our flexible catering services can match the scale of your ambition.

We offer an array of choices:

  • buffets
  • served meals
  • hors devours
  • upscale BBQ
  • onsite grilling and carving,
  • wine tastings, bartenders, beer pairings and more.

What sets us apart is our ability to consult with you on what works best with your vision. From private tastings with our Executive Chef you will help create an exciting and memorable custom menu that will dazzle your guests.

We take our responsibility to you, our future client, very seriously. While we excel at private event planning and execution with the highest pedigree, we realize that our primary job is to deliver the perfect blend of ambience, cuisine, and hospitality for your company event.

To learn more about how together, we will make your event memorable, please contact a Smoke and Spice BBQ private event planning specialist today.

Our Event Clients