What does it mean to have a green wedding?

We offer cuisine made from organic products harvested using sustainable projects in season. We also honor the environment in all of the other aspects of our daily operations. As part of our regular habits, we have implemented these eco-solutions:

  • We take the time to research the finest local, organic, seasonal offerings, including seafood, poultry, meats, produce and wines and incorporate these ingredients into our menus.
  • We include the chance to “off-set” the environmental impact of events by including matching meals for the needy in our purchase packages.
  • We consult with such environmental experts as the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch to find out the latest trends in sustainable products and new ingredients.
  • All of our leftover food goes to food banks in the Bay Area, including Food runners
  • We don’t use any cleaning chemicals that are not rated eco-friendly, for cleaning our facility or for washing dishes.
  • Our packages include the option of “Zero-Waste” event services, meaning that nothing from your event will go into a landfill: it will all go into composting or recycling.
  • Unless you ask otherwise, we will use reusable flatware and other service dishes, and all of our disposable products are 100% biodegradable.

Green corporations such as Moore Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Stanford Y2E2, Stanford BioDesign, Tesla Motors and Google have also retained our services.

You always hear that rain makes for a lucky wedding. Create your own luck by giving back to the earth with a 100% green wedding. We’ll take care of everything!